The Fairfax Foster Sutter No. 2 well located in the East Franklin area of St. Mary Parish and the Beulah Simon No. 2 well located in the Kaplan area of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana were the first successful tests of geopressured-geotherman (Geo2) aquifers under the Well of Opportunity (WOO) program. Gruy Federal assumed the Fairfax Foster Sutter operation on March 8, 1979 when the operator abandoned attempts to discover conventional hydrocarbons at a total depth of 16,340 ft. The Simon No. 2 well was acquired under similar circumstances approximately one month later at a total depth of 15,265 ft.

In both tests, the objectives were all accomplished and data were obtained which will contribute to the overall assessment of the geopressured-geothermal resource of the upper Gulf of Mexico basin. In both instances, the gas solubilities (22.8 and 24.0 scf/bbl) indicated that the waters were saturated with gas at reservoir conditions. The produced water was more saline than expected (190,000 mg/1 in one instance, 104,000 mg/1 in the other). {The high concentrations of dissolved solids in these waters created a scaling problem that required significant attention and will have to be addressed in future tests.1}

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