The authors of this paper prepared a series of analyses of the supplemental supply sources of natural gas. This study was developed for the use of the Gas Supply Committee of the American Gas Association. The authors operating as a task force prepared a series of individual studies which were then integrated into a single report which will be published as the proceedings of the Gas Supply Committee workshop II. This SPE-DOE paper has been taken from the broader study. It emphasizes the unconventional or non-conventional sources of natural gas and provides sufficient summary data on other supplies of natural gas to facilitate a review of the major findings of the task force with respect to the relative importance of unconventional sources of gas.

This paper provides a review of unconventional sources of gas from western tight sands, Devonian shale, gas from coal seams, SNG from peat, SNG from oil shale, gas from geopressured aquifers, gas from urban waste and animal residues and gas from biomass. The potential gas supplies from all sources are compared for four specific scenarios to illustrate the variability of the gas supply because of different national energy policies.

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