Economic application of the Talley-Frac method for the stimulation of production from oil and gas wells, production from oil and gas wells, requires careful engineering analysis of each application. A feasibility study should be made on each candidate well to determine the technical efficacy of such a treatment and to arrive at the optimum amount of explosive slurry to be loaded. This optimum should be synonymous which the greatest rate of return upon the well-stimulation dollar. Since the answer to the above questions involves an extensive amount of computation in their evaluation, automation of this evaluation by means of a digital electronic computer can extend the base of applicability. DATAFRAC is such a computer program written in FORTRAN IV language, and is capable of being run either on time-shared computers or in the batch mode on computers running in this environment. In just a few seconds, a complete economic feasibility study is performed which will determine whether or not a given well is a good candidate for explosive fracturing and the optimum amount of explosive to load in case the answer is in the affirmative.


The technical and economic feasibility of using the TALLEY-FRAC explosive method for stimulation of the production of oil and gas wells can now be established using a recently developed computer program.

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