This paper will present a brief outline and description of the Gas Arctic Systems Study Group's program in the Alaska and Canadian Arctic. Gas Arctic Systems is proposing a 48-inch gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska through a portion of Alaska, into Canadian Yukon territories, Northwest territories, and Alberta Province where the line would connect to existing Alberta Gas Trunk Line facilities to the Canadian-U. S. border or other Canadian pipeline facilities. A project of this magnitude requires extensive-research and planning before implementation.


For about two years, Northern Natural Gas Company has been a member of a consortium of six major U. S. and Canadian companies. This consortium, consisting of four U. S. companies: Northern Natural Gas Company; Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation; Columbia Gas Systems, Inc.; Pacific Lighting; and two Canadian companies, Alberta Gas Trunk Line; Canadian National Railway Company; is actively studying and developing a gas pipeline project to bring Alaska and Northern Canadian Gas to markets in project to bring Alaska and Northern Canadian Gas to markets in Canada and the lower 48 states. These activities have resulted in the formation of the Gas Arctic Systems Study Group who have undertaken development, research and feasibility studies resulting in expenditures of seven million dollars in 1971, with a similar level of studies planned for 1972.

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