Completion programs for hydraulic fracture stimulations are planned to optimize the spacing of wells and perforation clusters such that the largest volume of the reservoir can be accessed through the promotion of a discrete fracture network in the reservoir. Such treatments also seek to minimize costs associated with pumping proppants and fluids down wells by ensuring that these injectants reach their target formations, stay in zone, and act to promote the stimulation of the reservoir. From this viewpoint, it is seen as desirable to minimize the overlap of treatment volumes between neighbouring wells and stages to avoid the preferential diversion of proppants and fluids into the previously stimulated volumes of the reservoir. However, it has also been argued that the creation of new fractures in a previously treated volume promotes a complex fracture network enhancing drainage. When these stimulations are monitored from multiple geophone arrays surrounding the treatment zone, seismic moment tensor inversion (SMTI) analysis offers the ability to test these hypotheses by inferring if the microseismic events are related to the opening of or closure of pre-existing natural or newly created fractures. In this paper, we discuss event clusters that occur with a significant degree of overlap between neighbouring stages in the Marcellus Shale. Because the events were monitored with multi-array sensor configuration, the SMTI calculations can be conducted with a high degree of accuracy. SMTI allows for the orientations of the underlying fractures to be determined, allowing us to construct a discrete fracture. Further analysis of the orientations of the underlying fractures also enable us to assess which fractures are being activated in relation to the pre-existing structures in the reservoir, and how the activation of those structures correlates to estimates of stimulated reservoir volume which we relate to the regions of the reservoir where an complex, intersecting fracture network is being activated by the stimulation.

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