This case study will review performance and costs of thirteen Barnett Shale horizontal well restimulations located in the “Core” area of Wise County, Texas. This area has produced about 1 TCF gas and is considered one of the most productive areas in the Barnett Shale.

Locator Map – 13 Horizontal Well Restimulations in Wise County, Texas

Devon Energy has performed nine hundred vertical well fracture restimulations (refracs) across the entire Barnett Shale and is now beginning to focus its refrac efforts on the horizontal wells. About thirteen horizontal wells have been restimulated in this area since 2008. Initial results were mixed, but the economics have gradually been improved by developing candidate selection criteria, and modifying the stimulation design to contain costs.

This paper will address the well performance of the horizontal refracs, the costs involved, the restimulation design, and the evolution of candidate screening criteria. We will also briefly touch on some possible reasons for improved refrac well performance, based on computer simulation / history matching.

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