Traditional shale formations are presently being produced via horizontal well completions. These horizontal wells consist of numerous selectively stimulated stages containing as many as 20 stages spread out across 2000 ft to 9000 ft interval.

The well completions have been stimulated using low technology methods such as high volume water / slick water & sand. The initial production of the well requires a short period of flowback of the injected load water prior to the wells being kicked off with hydrocarbon production. The load water flowback can range from as little as 2% load return as high as 70% returns. Since these types of formations are far from being homogeneous, these horizontal laterals can intersect existing natural fractures or faults in the formation or an aggressive stimulation could induce fractures into existing natural fracture or faulting network.

This paper will showcase horizontal well production logging measurements ideal for this flowing environment in order to deliver a high confidence, representative flow profile.

In addition, deployment techniques & the logging challenges will be discussed to establish the best possible representative flowing environment for measuring these types of well completions.

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