Hydrajet perforating and subsequent fracturing-stimulation placements using jointed pipe to sequentially create many propped fractures in a horizontal well can be challenging. When proppants are pumped through hydrajetting equipment for initial cutting and then also for the fracturing operation, tool failures could occur, possibly leading to a situation whereby the complete bottomhole assembly (BHA) needs to be replaced several times during these treatments. A service provider conducted an extensive analysis of some of these failures that revealed multiple damage mechanisms that could lead to internal and external erosion of the hydrajetting equipment. This analysis resulted in the design and construction of a new-concept hydrajetting tool that addresses these erosion issues adequately. This has been demonstrated by several recent case histories showing that the newly designed tool drastically outperformed the old-style tools, resulting in considerably fewer requirements for BHA replacements throughout the job. In fact, most cases have only required one trip in the hole, even for very large proppant volumes being pumped. This has provided considerable cost savings to the well operators.

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