This case history paper presents fracture stimulation using coiled tubing (CT) hydrajetting, followed by (1) annular-path pumping of the fracturing treatment and (2) use of high-concentration proppant slugs to create proppant plugs for diversion. The process of hydrajet perforating and annular-path pumping (HPAP) has been used effectively for vertical well completions and is especially applicable for multi-interval completions. Further, use of this process for multi-interval fracturing of horizontal well completions has been performed successfully in several North America reservoirs, and in Texas at depths below 15,700 ft true vertical depth (TVD) and measured depths (MD) of more than 16,700 ft.

Cased and cemented horizontal completions present several challenges for the HPAP method, including (1) unique CT calculations and operating procedures, and (2) proppant plug-setting procedures. This multi-stage completion process can also be applied in other methods of horizontal completions that incorporate a solid liner.

Several case histories are examined to (1) highlight lessons learned in performance of this method on horizontal well completions, and (2) demonstrate efficiencies gained as compared to following conventional practices.

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