With the concern over anthropogenic climate change (i.e. man-made climate change), there is a growing awareness that we must utilize energy resources that are sustainable. The power obtained from geothermal reservoir is one such sustainable resource that has the potential to supplement our energy systems and to displace many conventional fuels. In contrast to many renewable technologies, such as wind or solar, the geothermal resource can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any harm to the environment.

It is due to this reason that geothermal development, a natural extension of oil and gas development activities, is attracting both new petroleum engineering graduates and established petroleum engineers in increasing numbers. Along with the importance of geothermal energy, this paper details as to how different phases of geothermal industry like drilling, production, and reservoir utilize petroleum engineering techniques, the challenge awaiting engineers as they work to solve first- time problems and improve technology for future activities. The geothermal industry has tremendous potential for growth and will make a significant contribution to worldwide energy supplies.

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