Unconventional drilling technology has been widely and successfully applied around the world for the recovery of Hydrocarbons. Significant technological achievements have been made in horizontal technology through a variety of innovations in tools, and experience gained over the past years.

Unconventional drilling provides solutions to the recovery of oil from inaccessible areas in reservoirs such as un-drained fault blocks, marginal fields, production improvement in tight reservoirs, intercepting natural fractures that cannot be accessed to their full potential with vertical technology and/or improvement of water-flood sweep efficiency, etc. In case of forced abandoning of highly productive vertical wells, the existing well bores can be reentered and horizontally re-drilled through the pay zone, primary objective being, increasing the well bore contact with one or more reservoirs.

One of the most important issues affecting economics, especially of re-entries, is whether the production enhancement will consist of accelerated production, increased reserves, or both. For a well with accelerated production only, net worth is improved, although total revenue is not increased. An increase in reserves is important to the economic success of a horizontal re-entry program.

This paper discusses performance review of unconventional wells in Hassi Messaoud including selection of target reservoir, planning options, well testing methodologies,well completions, specific reservoir response, and production management Complex reservoir response poses a challenge for us in identifying flow behavior in the horizontal bore hole, flow regimes in the reservoir, flow mechanisms during well testing, and during vertical lift.

This research is an attempt to meet such challenges and involves analyzing the actual field data to identify the potential response of highly complex reservoir system to the unconventional wells. Flow regime and flow pattern identification is duly supported by flow equations with modification related for Hassi Messaoud Field.

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