In view of the increasing importance of natural gas for China, especially when the West to east gas pipeline project started, Petrochina launched a study on constructing underground gas storage in the bedded salt deposit in 2000. The study was completed in the summer of 2005 after five years of work by experts from more than 6 countries. It provides information on new and emerging technologies, the status of gas storage in the bedded salt deposit, gas supply and demand, the geological evaluation and demands of salt caverns, the problems of caverns leaching, the reconstruction and utilization of existing salt caverns, gas injection and debrining, and so on. This report outlines the major aspects covered by the study, demonstrating some new viewpoints of underground gas storage in the bedded salt deposit. And now, 15 new salt cavern wells are constructing and 6 existing salt caverns have reconstructed by using some technology of this study.

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