In this paper, new explicit analytical equations for stabilized and transient deliverability coefficients in terms of formation/fluid parameters are presented. These equations are derived for fully and partially penetrating vertical wells and for fully penetrating horizontal wells. The proposed equations use the relationship between the empirical (Rawlins and Schellhardt) deliverability equation and rigorous (or Forechheimer's) deliverability equations for both stabilized and unstabilized (transient) flow conditions. Based on these new equations, we also present new methods for determining not only the performance coefficients, but also formation parameters from stabilized and transient gas deliverability data. Unlike the existing methods, our new methods do not require geometric mean of pressure or rate data. This is a distinct advantage of the methods presented in this paper over the existing methods because determination of geometric mean of pressure or rate data may be quite difficult, and the mean value is quite sensitive to the measurement errors in such data. Thus, the methods given in this paper should prove very useful for determining formation parameters accurately from deliverability tests in vertical and horizontal wells. The accuracy and applicability of the methods given in this study are verified by analyzing two test data published previously in the literature. Results are compared with those obtained from the existing methods in the literature and indicate that combination of our new methods with the Hinchman-Kazemi-Poettmann method for isochronal test types provides more information about the formation and reliable deliverability forecasting.

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