Alpha Field, a fold belt Oil & Gas field located in the Kirthar mountainous range, has remained as one of most problematic drilling terrains of Pakistan and had been once termed as an undrillable prospect considering the multiple sidetracks at previous wells. Due to formation challenges and multiple sidetracks. One of offset wells had been abandoned because of not reaching to reservoir target and other offset well was eventually reach to well TD after three sidetracks and incurred heavy costs.

This paper discusses the case study of phenomenal drilling performance at Well-3 in Alpha field which includes extensive well engineering data reviews to achieve operational excellence. A very detailed offset review has been prepared followed by generation of well plan after careful selection of the drilling plans which included drill bits designs, BHA selections, drilling practices, drilling fluids performance targets, drilling rig performance and extensive level of vigilance to deliver the most complex well with best of the class benchmarking in the field as compared with previous wells and surrounding fields of similar sub-surface challenges.

The detailed Well Design and Engineering together with technological selection purely application-based enabling to deliver a successful Alpha field well, both in terms of the lowest cost and in terms of time as the fastest well in Alpha field.

The Alpha field due to its complexity, lower success rates and higher costs was one of the most challenging assets in terms of drilling and production delivery. With excellent drilling performance at Well-3 and good production results has opened more opportunities for the Alpha field, and more wells are being planned in the upcoming time.

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