Wellbore production / injection flow profiling provides key information for reservoir production and hydrocarbon recovery management. To collect wellbore liquid / gas flow profile data, ADNOC's Onshore Engineers utilise three proven technologies; Production Logging Tools (PLT), Fiber Optical Downhole Temperature Sensors (DTS) and Inflow Chemical Tracers (ICT) placed on the completion. Each technology utilises different physics and has unique implementation requirements. The optimum monitoring technology is selected at the well planning stage with considerations to well design, completion type, fluid type, well purpose (injector or producer), economics, technology reliability, installation / data collection operational considerations, expected lifetime, interpretation confidence, field maturity and field monitoring strategy. Each monitoring option might be applicable under certain operational and well construction constraints, and provide results within required uncertainties. This paper shares ADNOC Onshore's guidelines for the selection of the most appropriate flow monitoring technology for its oil and gas reservoirs developed primarily with horizontal wells and water injection for pressure support.

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