Objective/Scope: The purpose of this paper is to study how UEP has implemented Field Production and Maintenance Trainee Programs. It will further evaluate the effectiveness of the program and how it has benefited the local community and the company.

Methods, Procedures, Process: UEP's Field Trainee program provides opportunities for young people from the concession in which UEP operates. It creates jobs for local youth to get trained and work in the oil and gas sector.

The process to recruit the local and train them is extremely rigorous. The applications are invited via placing an advertisement in the local newspapers. Candidates meeting the criteria, undergo a rigorous test and interview process. Candidates shortlisted on merit are selected. The training of selected local high school graduates is initially performed in the classroom by senior faculty of renowned local Sindh university. After completing classroom training, they embark on an on-the-job training plan under the supervision of seasoned industry professionals.

Results, Observations, Conclusion: Over many decades the UEP trainee program has developed skillset of the locals and has given them employment opportunity. It has provided a talent pipeline for the organization and helped UEP give back to the community as part of its commitment. Several senior positions at UEP are occupied by employees inducted through this program. Some of them are working for other multinational organizations in Pakistan and abroad. Apart from developing the talent pool, this program has increased organization's brand value especially amongst the locals and has helped the organization forge meaningful relationship with the local community.

Novel/Additive Information: This program has been a great success story for UEP. It shows that benefits are not limited to meeting the workforce requirement. Other organizations in Pakistan and abroad can learn from UEP's success and may introduce similar programs. This program is mainly focused on hiring resources for Operations functions. Going forward, the need for introducing similar program for other functions can be evaluated.

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