The paper aims to describe the methodology and processes that PETRONAS Upstream International Operation has established via the Local Talent capability Development Acceleration Framework which accelerate talent competency and progression that provides assurance on the talents technical capabilities operating the facilities around the world. It is imperative that the Local Talents are given the right and ample opportunities to develop themselves as the oil and gas industry demands capable people to operate the business efficiently in an extremely risky & complex environment.

The framework was designed as a structured competency acceleration program with rigorous monitoring aims to produce a robust and competent local workforce that can operate the plant independently. The program is phased out for up to seven (7) years with each year having specific indicators identified and determined to be achieved based on the requirements of the respective position. Local candidates are assigned to a technical coach and are tracked and monitored religiously on a bi-weekly basis to ensure they are always on track to meet the target. There are two (2) stages being set with each stage having a different target.

  1. Stage 1 focuses on equipping the talents with minimum critical skills to perform operation critical position task in the plant with minimal guidance and supervision from the expert.

  2. Stage 2 focuses on upskilling the candidates to the "skill level" which makes them ready to execute critical position task without requirement of direct supervision.

In developing the local talent, understanding the ground rules and regulations such as the limitation on employing staff within a certain province where the plant is operated lead to a limited pools of experienced and quality talents e.g. fresh graduates. It has been observed an improvement of 35% of talents meeting the target indicators within 2 years of program implementation. A few enhancements were made along the way based on the analysis to further improve the outcome.

This paper provides some insights on the best practices/lesson learnt that can be replicated by other O&G Operators across the world in accelerating the capabilities development towards sustainable talents pool from the local talent's resources.

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