E&P technology in the energy transition era is more rapidly progressed because of various innovations from other industries, digital transformation, and broader knowledge sharing from other industrial sectors. Therefore, skills of engineers in frontline: namely employees in operating companies (OPCO) will have deeper impacts on project values. To uplift their technical competency, this paper discussed how to maximize leaning/training program values and provide the opportunities from long term perspective as a part of holistic talent development management system. In-house leaning/training courses and/or commercial training programs, which have been commonly provided, will not be sufficient for pursuing competitive level in future as long as the knowledge sharing opportunities are limited to in-house or generalized contents for maximum numbers of demand. Thus, the opportunities are unlimited by incorporating additional seminar/training courses, offered from stakeholders: an asset lead in particular, into the OPCO's youth development plan (YDP) to be more effectively provided from many viewpoints of participant adequateness (discipline, technical interest, maximum number of attendees), annual schedule planning, and interactive feedback to improve the programs.

INPEX/JODCO, an asset lead international oil company (IOC) responsibly developing concession of the Abu Dhabi offshore field, has been operating domestic oil/gas fields and an abroad giant LNG project, furthermore, managing various non-operating projects all over the world. From all the projects, therefore, many types of knowledge-sharing seeds have been gathered to prepare seminar/training contents and lecturers via the IOC's corporate technical division while taking OPCO's demands into account. Dozens of programs have been offered since 2018 for various disciplines. One of them: the JODCO Drilling Academy (JDA), providing total 61 courses as of November 2022 covering major drilling & completion related topics is recognized as the most successful contribution. A cycle from seminar planning, execution, feedbacks, and updating are established to work as a cross-collaborative talent development management system.

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