The Greater Cheleken Area (GCA) developed by Dragon Oil, situates on a complex NW-SE dextral transcurrent zone which separates the Northern from the Southern Caspian Basin (SCB). Numerous hydrocarbon accumulations were discovered in highly faulted Pliocene-Pleistocene flower structures of different types. Shallow gas has been identified vastly distributed in this region via numerous site surveys, that creating slow-velocity and high-absorption dimming zone on the seismic imaging. It poses great challenges on seismic processing and imaging.

In 2022, an OBN seismic campaign was carried out aiming to resolve the imaging problems that exist in a legacy dataset. The main objectives for the 3D OBN seismic survey are: proper imaging of structures, faults and fractures characterization, stratigraphy, petrophysical properties, Gas columns and clouds mitigation and fluid contacts in clastic reservoirs cited between1500-4700m depth. The implementation of the seismic acquisition is successful by delivering high quality data on schedule and within the predetermined budget at the full satisfaction of all involved parties and stakeholders. Strong commitment to HSSE Standards and working as an integrated One-Team with full collaboration and a continuous and close communication between all the Team members are among the main Success Factors.

A fast track 3D data cube is being produced at the time of writing this manuscript. The preliminary results of the 3D seismic data processing and interpretation are very encouraging and showing a clear improvement compared to the legacy 3D seismic data set.

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