The purpose of the paper is to outline the methodology and process that United Energy Pakistan adopted to develop and enhance the leadership capacity of its emerging talent that went on to assume leadership roles in the organization. It is imperative for the upkeep of talent and organizational culture that structured development journeys are designed and extended to high potential employees who can then take the organizational performance to new heights. The framework was designed to develop business focused, yet people centric leaders, equipped to manage operational as well as strategic aspects and deliver results. It is a structured leadership competency acceleration program with a rigorous monitoring mechanism. Although a 12 month long developmental journey comes with many benefits such as cross functional collaboration, networking, opportunity for reflection and practicing learned skills, however, the manageability and synchronization of schedules became an administrative challenge. The paper provides best practices and lessons learnt for leadership development that other organizations in the oil and gas sector may adopt to manage and maintain sustainable talent pools.

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