Corrosion Management (CM) along with Risk Based Inspection (RBI) are inseparable elements of an Integrity Management System (IMS). Digital integration of CM and RBI is vital for the optimization of an IMS. Several market available software programs are developed to deliver this integration by interlinking the modules in a digital setting. Additionally, real-time will established monitoring systems including Ultrasonic Test (UT) wall thickness monitoring, online Probes and remote monitoring unites (RMU) for cathodic protection (CP) provides a continuous trend of the necessary data from critical systems and locations using wireless communication and visual correlation with other corrosion activity parameters. Market available software programs facilitates an integrated and holistic approach to corrosion, inspection, and integrity management.

The discussion in this article demonstrates the reduction in cost/resources associated with full changeout from manual regularly monitor application against using digitalized remote and real time monitoring systems at susceptible locations.

The approach used represents a corner stone in the integration and optimization of corrosion management and RBI systems. This is supported by a clear timeline for required corrective actions based on data provided by the real-time monitoring, which is the key element in decision making and successful planning. This will also lead to decrease in the time required and resources involved in the CM and inspection activities, while fulfilling integrity assurance, maintaining ease of installation and future expansion.

This article presents how the digitalization of integrated CM and RBI modules along with real time monitoring are exploited to enable proactive decision-making using data that is frequent and accurate, establish a transparent and standardized reporting and communication process, and enhance management engagement and modification for integrity investment, along the way, using wireless UT installation, online corrosion monitoring and RMU for cathodic protection are cost-effective, dependable and ready for expansion.

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