With the development of distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing technology in the field of borehole seismic surveys, more and more oil fields choose to pre-install fiber optics in the well in advance for borehole seismic data acquisition or fluid detection. In 2022, ADNOC completed the world’s first multi-well DAS VSP and OBN joint acquisition survey in the Persian Gulf, with the fiber placed outside the tubing, relying on the offshore high-density OBN acquisition survey, completing a total of 13 wells for DAS VSP acquisition. The DAS VSP raw data spacing interval is 1 m, the sampling interval is 1 ms, and the offshore air guns are staggered at a density of 25 m × 25 m. This study will focus on the determination of multi-well DAS VSP data acquisition area, data analysis for different Gauge Length, and raw data quality control.

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