Different from the wired instrument seismic acquisition project, the node instrument seismic acquisition construction project cannot generate the data of common shot gathers or common receiver gathers in real time. Only after segmentation processing can form a common shot gather or a common receiver gather data. The data segmentation operation is very time-consuming, and the generation of the common shot gather needs to wait for all the nodes used by the shot to be recovered, resulting in a lag in the subsequent quality control process, so it is difficult to detect data quality problems in time. In order to improve the efficiency of quality control, this paper proposes a method for the quality control of seismic acquisition data directly for the consecutive recording data of the node. The data integrity check, energy quality control, etc. can be realized. Usually, the check of the recycling node data can be completed on the same day, which ensures the quality of the collected data. The application effect of the actual project also verifies the practicability and effectiveness of the method, which greatly improves the data quality control efficiency of the node collection project, and provides an effective guarantee for the quality of the data collected by the node.

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