Miscible CO2 flood – similar to miscible hydrocarbon gas injection - is a well-established proven EOR development scheme. There have been a large number of CO2 EOR developments worldwide, with deployment in both carbonate and clastic reservoirs. Potential controlling factors on CO2 EOR incremental production and recovery are well understood and widely published. This paper presents an integrated CO2 EOR development study, with emphasis on advanced technologies application – the deployment of advanced lower completion technologies. This paper is a follow up companion paper, presenting additional results, to a previous paper by Xu S. et al (2021). A review is provided concerning successful application of advanced lower completion technologies: namely Maximum Contact Reservoir (MRC) wells, Limited Entry Liner (LEL), and Fishbone drilling. The reservoir geological characteristics from three Onshore Abu Dhabi carbonate reservoirs are presented, and key factors which may lead to poor reservoir sweep are identified. Fine scale 3D compositional models were developed, to simulate reservoir performances when advanced lower completion technologies are deployed. The results show significant injection/production performances compared to conventional horizontal wells development schemes. When under CO2 EOR development, the major recovery mechanisms leading to sweep improvements are highlighted. The deployment of such lower completion technology may prove to be a valuable enabler in a future CO2 EOR development scheme.

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