Well integrity (WI) is a growing concern in the oil and gas (O&G) industry as fields mature and WI problems increase. In project management, maturity denotes having perfect condition to attain the organization's objectives. Applying the same principle to O&G industry, provides a pathway and basis to achieve excellence in WI management in O&G fields. Maturity of WI management has a direct impact on performance, assurance, compliance, and most importantly operation safety.

A case study from a brown field has been conducted to evaluate the effect of WI management maturity on field performance. The application of well integrity management system (WIMS) in an offshore brown oilfield has been studied. The journey of WI maturity has been presented in detail. All maturity phases have been analyzed starting from program initiation, up to predicting WI failures using machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Three maturity models, that have been developed by different organizations and individuals, were selected for benchmarking of measured maturity level in the WIMS applied. They were selected as they show independency from industry/organization's type. The three models are; organizational project management maturity model (Opm3), capability maturity model integration (CMMI), and Kerzner project management maturity model (KPMMM).

The attained results indicated that K-PMMM provides the best description and level determination of maturity level with WIMS applied. Moreover, it is highly recommended to implement maturity models by including all processes and subsystems in the WIMS, to have better resolution of system gaps.

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