Well integrity is one of the most critical elements for prolonging life of producing wells. A good integrity program will ensure safe, cost effective operation, whilst avoiding any environmental related issues. To improve well integrity monitoring and control and promote operational excellence by having real-time monitoring of tubing-casing annulus, and have the ability to relieve pressure at any time without the need to visit the well site. An innovative system was designed to be an integral part of the well completion, preferably below tubing hanger below sub surface safety valve, to relieve pressure from tubing-casing annulus to the tubing. The system allows real-time monitoring of both annulus and tubing and enables relieving high annuli pressure to the tubing remotely or by having a set point activation.

The system is tailored to make advantage of the digital oilfields platform to provide robust data real-time monitoring of annuli anomalies and help contain the problem. The innovative system enables unmanned operations and continuous monitoring and control of annuli anomalies. It helps contain well integrity problems till the workover rig is available to salvage the problem. This safe routine and convenient eliminates the needs for wellsite visits that are at high cost and sometimes not possible, especially in offshore operations. In addition, it alleviates the need to vent gases to atmosphere and avoid environmental and human safety issues. The system can also help validate data by monitoring fluid gradients in tubing and annulus, which help get better diagnosis for well integrity anomalies.

This unmatched system is the only tool that is designed to have an integrated system that will monitor pressures and gradients in tubing and annulus, which provide an advanced diagnostics of annuli problems. In addition, it can help contain the annuli problem by continuously reliving the pressure into tubing, as needed, without human intervention.

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