Discussion on the recovery of flare gas and other rich gas sources and monetization through innovative new technologies.

An all too frequent occurrence in oil and gas production is the flaring of rich gas, or gas rich in heavy hydrocarbons (C3+). Heavy hydrocarbons are often considered an impurity in natural gas for producers looking to harvest lighter methane (C1) and ethane (C2), but this rich gas can be highly profitable as well (and sometimes more so). The first issue regarding the economics of rich gas is separation. Generally, raw wellhead gas is a mixed composition ranging from methane through the heaviest hydrocarbons, as well as impurities such as H2O and H2S. These types of unrefined gas can be difficult to monetize.

Existing methods of separation technologies struggle to deal with the unique combination of factors which are associated with flare gas. Fractionation plants are large and expensive and therefore often uneconomic or impractical to construct where consolidated gas streams are not available. Other traditional small-scale solutions are limited, recovering only part of the gas or producing inconsistent flows and products which are difficult or inefficient to monetize. Flare monetization technology needs to efficiently and cost effectively process associated gas at the well-site, separating the rich gas into usable products. It must be modular, mobile, and scalable and capable of managing the ebbs and surges of oil wells, allowing delivery of product at a consistent flow rate and pressure.

By combining flow control, compression, and mechanical refrigeration with advanced monitoring and control, GTUIT can produce stable products that can be directly monetized through various routes depending on user requirements, local markets, and geographic restrictions. With the right flare monetization technology, rich gas can be processed into a clean, high methane number gas for electric power generation, or processed into CNG and LNG. Additionally, extracted Natural Gas Liquids can be sold directly to market or combined into crude oil streams. We are here to discuss how this can be done.

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