A multi-sensor magnetic thickness detector tool has been developed specifically for the corrosion evaluation of multi barrier pipes. The electromagnetic tool would be able to identify a metal reduction of each pipe individually. The tool is combinable with Multi-finger caliper, which provides three-dimensional profiling of the internal pipe. Combining both tools together would provide a better assessment of well integrity and corrosion management.

The magnetic thickness detector tool is based on the physics of pulse eddy currents. It can detect up to three barriers and measure circumferential average metal loss at each barrier. Simulation software with advanced modeling techniques will aid to identify corrosion extent through a comparison of simulated model decay curves with real tool response. The Multi-finger caliper tool provides direct measurements of internal tubing and casing diameters. The mechanically measuring fingers will move radially along the inner pipe wall, which provides accurate diameter change.

In this paper, we are presenting a case study where a magnetic thickness detector tool detected corrosion in the outer barrier and was able to provide both pipe assessments individually. These results have been confirmed with running Multi-finger caliper and showed that the first pipe was of good condition. Later on, the tubing was retrieved and circumferential acoustic scanning tool was run and confirmed the metal loss detected by magnetic thickness detector tool. Similar cases showed that the combinability of Multi-finger caliper and magnetic thickness detector tool would help to identify inner versus outer corrosion in which it would save both time and money through real-time operational interventions.

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