HdGOSP-2 was designed to be fully dependent on Haradh Water Injection Plant (WIP). Haradh WIP receives disposal water from HdGOSP-2 disposal system and sea water from Hawiyah Central Water Injection Plant (HCWIP). Therefore, Haradh WIP can only be run when HCWIP is online. As a result, if HCWIP is down, HdGOSP-2 total oil production is also locked due to lack of alternative solutions to inject disposal water. During the past three years, HdGOSP-2 oil production was locked for (13) days due to the loss of water supply from HCWIP. The idea is to operate (1) turbine driven injection pump solely with HdGOSP-2 disposal water for a temporary period to be fully independent from Hawiyah WIP. The current produced water rate at HdGOSP-2 is 120 MBD and in order to meet the minimum flow requirement for the injection pumps, a total of 90 MBD needs to be recycled. It has been evaluated the potential increase in water temperature due to recycling using HYSYS simulation revealing no significant temperature rise. In addition, the simulation output along with reliability & rotating equipment evaluation revealed that this option can only work if the pump discharge pressure is maintained above 2200 psig. This can be achieved by isolating some of HdGOSP-2 Flanks and reducing the number of water injection wells on service.

This mode of operation was started on April 26, 2018 and lasted for six (6) days. During this period, the sea water rate was gradually decreased to zero while maintaining HdGOSP-2 disposal water flowing through GT-4001 with partial recycle and without having any impact on HdGOSP-2 oil production rate or crude quality specifications.

Upon completing the 1st implementation of this initiative, HdGOSP-2 has produced total of 1.98 MMBOD of oil during the outage of HCWIP in 2018. HdGOSP-2 has produced 1.98 MMBOD of oil during the outage of HCWIP which is equivalent to $96,000,000 during six (6) days outage of HCWIP in 2018. The production gain will continue in the future whenever HCWIP is down.

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