In one of Operator; they want that Asset teams must work closely and collaboratively to achieve results in Petrophysics projects. A project data management (PDM) effort established a system that enables collaboration for petrophysical teams and that makes quality-controlled data available for each project. A separate of objective in the effort was the documentation of business rules for the petrophysical asset team.

Centralization of PDM is the key to enabling collaboration and the provision of quality-controlled data. Therefore, one focus of the project was centralization. While implementing the technology, the project team also prepared the "agreed" business rules document (BRD). This BRD will guide the petrophysical teams to properly maintain their project data. The BRD lays down standards and supports common understanding. Additional steps before the implementation of technology were performing QC and cleaning the existing data.

Centralization of the PDM enabled some key workflows, which cannot be achieved in standalone projects. Specific achievements of this project included enabling collaboration, retaining knowledge, setting up business rules, and performing quality control. Enabling collaboration was the key objective of the project. After the implementation, it was noted that using the system, team members can work on the same "physical" project without disturbing each other's work. Any updates in the project are communicated to the entire team. The updates are accompanied by user notes to enhance team understanding. Collaboration enables teamwork during the project timeline. However, for the E&P companies, it is also very important to keep the "knowledge alive" for later work on the same project by other teams. Long-term knowledge retention has been enabled by the ability to maintain captions, notes, and quality parameters. These "pieces of knowledge" will help future teams understand the thought process behind the results. Setting up the BRD enabled alignment of the end users, IT teams, and data management teams. The one-time quality assurance of the existing project data and raw data has aided the operator in implementing the centralized PDM and workflows.

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