Out-of-the-box idea that is centered around using a new technical procedure supported with a special rule to fight and prevent marine pollution from merchant ships transiting through narrow water ways such as canals and straights, and how to convert the pollutant (in this case used oil or sludge) produced from the main propulsion systems of merchant ships into recycled lube oil, and then reuse it utilizing a new technique (Green ship conversion)

Methods, Procedures, Process

Catalytic distillation

Exposing used oil to a high temperature under vacuum pressure using a special catalyst to shorten the molecular structure of the hydrocarbon chain, and then return it back to its initial structure by condensation, and treatment.


(Suez Canal as a case study)

  1. Legislative, Add a new mandatory rule and circular to all ships to deliver their used oil at the anchorage area before transiting the canal

  2. Green ship conversion:

The Green ship conversion is a unique idea based on using a coastal supply vessel to move among merchant ships passing through navigational straits and canals in the anchorage area or in heavily crowded ports. This vessel will collect used oil (sludge) from ships, store it in its storage tanks, and then recycle it using catalytic distillation plant installed on-board the ship's deck.


Receiving the used oil from the transiting ships, recycling on-board using catalytic distillation plant.

Results, Observations, Conclusions:
  1. Economically: our case study (Suez Canal), 200 tons/day could be collected from the transiting ships then recycling, daily cost ($55000) and the daily income for selling the treated quantity ($525456), the daily net profit

    ($ 470247) with a 171 million USD/year.

  2. Environmentally: Protect the Marine environment, present a motivation for ship owners and marine crews to guarantee their commitment to achieve our goal.

  • 5 tons/month is the quantity of used oil could be produced from merchant ships propulsion system.

  • Only 8 minutes needed to transfer 5 tons from the merchant ship to the green ship conversion using international connection.

  • For control the operation, the delivered quantity of used oil will be recorded in a receipt that should be kept on-board the merchant ship to be reviewed by the pilot before sailing.

  • Protection of the marine environment is the most essential goal.

  • Due to inability to observe or monitoring the huge number of ships in the huge spaces of seas. This technique will insure the marine environment safety, and present a motivation for ship owners and marine crews by delivering their used oil for free.


Green ship conversion is a unique idea, recycling the used oil completely offshore with no need to onshore facilities.

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