This study focuses on a multi-well pilot test for a chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) project in Sabriyah Lower Burgan reservoir that is located in the north of Kuwait. The objective of this research is to evaluate the economic applicability of a proposed Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP) formulation based on laboratory core flooding in a multi-well pattern of the candidate reservoir. Simulation and economic modelling was used for this evaluation. Sabriyah Lower Burgan is a large sandstone reservoir with excellent rock properties (Darcy permeabilities). The field is currently developed through primary depletion with an active edge water drive. All forms of EOR were evaluated and CEOR was the only practical technology that passed all screening criteria. Understanding the reservoir behavior is critical and evaluating multiple implementation strategies is important to insure economic success.

The objective of the pilot test is to demonstrate that the recommended ASP formulation can economically mobilize remaining oil (ROS) in Sabriyah Lower Burgan reservoir. The process to achieve this objective includes:

  • Expand a small scale pilot into a large multi-well pilot.

  • Evaluate different well pattern configurations using numerical simulation to demonstrate the effectiveness of CEOR in producing additional oil.

  • Apply economics to all case studies to determine applicability and commerciality of the different proposed case studies.

  • List observated key challenges associated with large scaled field implementation.

Including economics in a technical CEOR assessment will help understand practical aspects of field CEOR implementation for the Sabriyah Lower Burgan field.

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