A new, environmentally friendly polymer has been developed for use in well completion and stimulation treatments where a premium is placed on maximizing effectiveness while minimizing formation damage. This new polymer is finding uses in many operational areas such as high-permeability fracturing, gravel packing, zonal isolation pills, spacer pills, pipe line pigs, kill pills and the like. This presentation will center on its use as a low-damage, fluid loss control agent for completion operations, particularly well control during and after perforation of high-pressure, high-permeability wells.

Fluid loss Control Pills

The use of expensive, clean completion fluids is common on high-productivity, high-pressure wells to prevent the loss of productivity. High fluid loss can result in high completion cost, deep formation damage and, potentially, loss of well control; therefore, completion fluids must be effective in controlling fluid loss. A number of materials have been used for controlling fluid loss: sized particulates, viscous fluids and gelled fluids. Guar-based fluids and sized salts are commonly used due to their low cost; however, both types of systems can leave significant well damage.

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