A simple means has been developed to analyze frac & pack bottomhole treating pressures which gives insight to the fracture evolution and end-of-job proppant distribution. The method requires minimal input, is relatively model independent (as far as fracture propagation is concerned) and can be used in real time. This is not history matching, but rather an analysis or screening tool.

The key element of frac & pack treatments is the tip screen-out, a period of injection during which the fracture is inflated and the fracture extent remains relatively constant. The fracture may often extend in subsequent periods of regular fixed-area width growth with possible "jumps" and/or other irregular areal extension periods between them. The slope of the increasing pressure curve during a "regular" period may be interpreted to obtain the "packing radius" of the fracture, characteristic for the given period. The progression of packing radiuses can be combined with information on the proppant injection history to give final proppant distribution.

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