Data collected during gravel packed completions may be analyzed to evaluate the impact of specific completion practices on well performance. Operations where gathering data is critical are: (1) during the initial flow and perforation cleanup after underbalanced perforating, (2) during prescribed injection tests prior to gravel packing, (3) during periods in which fluid is being injected into the formation (pre-packing perforations, fluid loss after perforating, fluid loss after gravel packing), and (4) during stabilized flow after the well is brought on line. This data can be used to calculate an approximate value for kh (md.ft.) and an instantaneous completion efficiency at different stages of the completion. By comparing these instantaneous completion efficiencies, the damage contribution of certain operations and the damage prevention aspects of other operations may be quantified. This methodology should provide a valuable resource to those pursuing continuous improvement in well completion operations, particularly those involved in sand control.

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