A frac-pack technique combines the stimulation advantages of a highly conductive hydraulic fracture with the sand control of a gravel pack to improve productivity in low to moderate permeability, unconsolidated formations. This paper presents the results of two offshore field tests in the Gulf of lexico which evaluate different fracturing fluids, unconventional proppant sizes and new gravel packing tools. Aspects of reservoir candidate selection, pre- and post-frac pressure testing, and production results are addressed. This paper examines the layout of equipment, fracture treatment design, and on-site fracture optimization through minifrac testing.

The first field test explores the use of platform mounted gravel pack tanks with batch mixed sand slurries in a linear hydroxypropyl guar (HPG) gel that is crosslinked with Borate on the fly. The second field test investigates the use of linear hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) gel as a fracturing fluid with a conventional blender and gravity feed proppant silo on a stimulation boat moored along side the production platform. These field tests demonstrate a frac-pack technique can provide practical and cost effective fracture stimulation and sand control in the offshore environment.

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