Downhole gauge (DHG) data analysis is a powerful tool in not only identifying, or minimizing the potential number of, root causes for any failures that may occur during gravel packing, but also in either verifying or calibrating friction pressure data used in gravel placement simulations. Although downhole pressure and temperature gauges are often used in open-hole gravel packing and expertise in analyzing the data certainly exists in companies that routinely use downhole gauges, there is no publication that comprehensively discusses the methodology. DHG data analysis in general requires more information than the gauge data itself. This includes logs, wellbore schematic, pumping schedule, fluid properties, return flow measurements, daily rig reports, and data relevant to displacements.

The objective of this paper is to provide guidelines for DHG data analysis to completion engineers who are not routinely involved and thus not experts in such analysis, by detailing the factors that must be kept in mind, offering a methodology and demonstrate the methodology with several examples.

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