A case history from Offshore Israel is presented that describes the successful delivery of two (2) ultra high-rate gas wells (+200 MMscf/D) completed in a depleted gas reservoir with 9⅝ in. production tubing and an Open-Hole Gravel Pack (OHGP). Maximizing gas off-take rates from a volumetric drive gas reservoir that possess high flow capacity (kh) require large internal diameter (ID) tubing coupled with efficient sand face completions. When sand control is required, the OHGP offers the most efficient as well as the most reliable, long-term track record of performance. A global study of wells completed with 9⅝ in. production tubing ("big bore") determined that this design concept was feasible and deliverable in a short time frame while still maintaining engineering rigor. The paper will highlight key accomplishments within various phases of a completion delivery process for critical wells. The completions were installed with minimal issues (NPT≈ 9%) and have produced without incident. The wells are capable of +250 MMscf/D and are currently producing at +220 MMscf/D.

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