Expandable screens are a relatively new technique in the industry. Recently, three typical cases of expandable screen applications were presented in the SPE paper 121543. The present paper focuses on deepwater case histories of expandable screen applications within TOTAL.

Deepwater projects are challenging, high profile jobs. Reliability and robustness are key factors in selecting the right sand control techniques. So the benefits of using of expandable screens must be plain so as to offset the reluctance of introducing this relatively new technique.

Large deepwater developments started for TOTAL in 2000 in West Africa. On those projects and since, the typical development scheme for unconsolidated, uniform, medium-size sand fields, has been:

  • -

    Horizontal oil producer completed with Stand Alone Screens.

  • -

    Deviated oil producer completed with either Stand Alone Screens or Frac-Pack completions (depending on reservoir characteristics).

  • -

    Horizontal and deviated water injector completed with Stand Alone Screens.

That typical deepwater scheme now introduces expandable screens in:

  • -

    water Injectors for deviated wells, and

  • -

    oil producers for deviated wells.

This paper offers feedback and insight on case histories from West African projects. It details the installation process (mud, cake treatment, and expansion aspects in application from floating rigs), the limitations and the performances.

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