Surfactant huff-puff for production wells has become a recent interest, especially for extremely heterogeneous reservoirs. However, injected surfactant will preferentially move into fractures in fractured reservoirs or higher permeability zones in unfractured reservoirs and will bypass much of the reservoir. In addition, the surfactant will be produced immediately after the production well resumes to production, so the soaking time is limited. This paper introduces a novel process which couples gel treatment and surfactant huff-puff in one EOR process in which surfactant solution is first injected into the production well, then followed by gel treatment. The proposed method has been applied for 10 production wells in a polymer flooding unit in Daqing oilfield. The best compatible surfactant and gel were screened out for the given reservoir conditions before the field application. The mechanisms of the proposed method were studied using core flooding experiments. The field application design process is presented and the application results have been analyzed. Application results show pressure drawdown test can be an important criterion to select candidate for the combined method.

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