Numerous papers have been published on the influence that kaolinite mobilization has on well productivity. However, less attention has been directed toward identifying methods to minimize the detrimental impact of this mobilization. This paper will detail the pro-active approach that the authors took in engineering solutions to enhance oil productivity by reducing kaolinite mobilization. Specifically the paper will focus on the experiences from Oseberg Sør (North Sea). Significant formation damage has been attributed to kaolinite mobilization in this field. This damage can occur at any stage within the well lifetime from initial drilling and through the production lifecycle. SPE 107758 provided details of a unique chemical that can be incorporated into scale inhibitor squeeze treatments to reduce kaolinite mobilization while a well is in production. This paper will focus on the development of smart mud filtrate technology that incorporates kaolinite fixation agents that minimize clay mobilization within the near wellbore during drilling.

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