Most tight oil reservoirs need to be hydraulically fractured before putting into production. Refracure is a necessary and efficient way to control production decline after first fracturing treatments. It has been recognized that reorientation of propped refracure treatments can contact with undepleted reservoir areas and that refracure reorientation is one of the main mechanisms for production enhancement.

In this paper, laboratory tests for fracture reorientation were investigated. Case histories of refracure treatments and tiltmeter mapping results were discussed. All the fracture treatments included a novel design technique of pumping paraffin balls approximately half way through the propped treatment in an attempt to initiate new fracture growth through different a perforation interval or in a different orientation. Tiltmeter mapping results indicated that fracture reorientation occurred for the majority of these refracure treatments studied. Case histories involved two tight oil reservoirs in the Daqing oilfield, China. More significant post-frac production improvements were observed for the refracure treatments with fracture reorientation.

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