The literature describes several applications where Aphron fluid technology has been applied in both drilling and re-entry scenarios and includes an extensive description of how this fluid system works. A highly efficient leak-off prevention mechanism makes aphron based fluid systems beneficial for certain completion and workover applications as well, where formation damage could be avoided by the practical elimination of fluid-fluid or fluid-rock interaction or where simply the workover objectives can be achieved by obtaining efficient circulation of fluid to surface. Completion and workover applications for this fluid system have not been extensively reported.

This paper reviews three applications of Aphron fluid technology in different completion and workover scenarios. The selected cases were reviewed to present some of the technical and operational lessons learned and to some extent discuss the observed formation cleanup behavior. The following three applications were reviewed: completion of a dual string sour gas well, using an oil based aphron system for kill fluid, with practically no kill fluid loss to a hydraulically fractured formation; the completion of additional zones within a depleted dolomitic limestone formation on two wells where the method of Aphron fluid placement was found to significantly affect fluid losses; and finally, the enabling of the provision of annular pressure support at pressures which approached the hydraulic fracture opening pressure of a shallow zone while hydraulically fracturing a deeper zone through tubing with a packer.

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