A new technical standard is developed to measure rheology of completion fracturing fluids. This method details step-by-step procedure for making fluids and rheology measurements. Completion fluids are defined for the purpose of this technical standard as viscosified treating fluids used during the completion or workover of a petroleum or natural gas producing well. The objective of this technical standard is to provide a standard procedure for measuring the viscous properties of single-phase, non-particulate-laden completion fluids. These fluids are viscosified brines, gravel pack carrier fluids, and fracturing fluids. These fluids can be either crosslinked or non-crosslinked (aqueous, hydrocarbon, or acid based). An optional shear history simulation procedure is provided for fluids that are potentially shear-sensitive. This procedure is designed to simulate the shearing effects experienced by a fluid in surface apparatus and during the time it is being conveyed down the wellbore.

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