This paper will detail the successful operation to remove a barite plug from this wellbore using a viscoelastic fluid, with true yield stress properties. Extensive field rheologies, pumping rates, and pressures were captured; and compared with those predicted by modeling. The mechanical and chemical maintenance of the fluid system during the operation will also be discussed.

The development of this fluid enabled a coiled tubing intervention to go forward, as planned. In contrast to an earlier attempt, the coiled tubing successfully reached total depth (TD) while properties stayed within safe operating parameters. The milling operation was carried out, with over 185 ft of hole being recovered from the initial coiled tubing tag at 19,412 ft. At no time was there any danger of ‘sticking the coiled tubing’ or being unable to circulate due to excessive friction pressures.

The successful field application of this technologically advanced fluid system in combination with sophisticated computer engineering software, gives the industry a new tool in attempting deep HTHP coiled tubing workovers.

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