The individual operating and economic characteristics of the various types of major equipment available for field processing of natural gas-condensate production need to be well known by all concerned. Within the last few years, the USERS AND SUPPLIERS have pooled their knowledge to make available BUILDING BLOCKS OF PACKAGED PROCESS UNITS designed with the single thought in mind of providing economical and efficient installations that provide QUICK RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS AND MORE TOTAL PROFIT DOLLARS over the life of the operation.

The proper utilization of each of these flexible profit-making packages and the selection and up-dating of the proper combinations of these packages…to produce the maximum return on the investment…is a problem that must be JOINTLY SOLVED BY THE SUPPLIER AND USER.

It is the purpose of this paper to describe the possible combinations available and some of the economic aspects of these packages, thus to aid both the supplier and user in the evaluation and selection of the BEST POSSIBLE PACKAGE for a particular application or the BEST COMBINATION OF PACKAGES to solve a general overall problem. Pictures.. flow diagrams… brief descriptions of the processes. background information necessary to intelligently evaluate each problem…and studies of three different randomly selected streams as applicable to each piece of equipment…are included in this paper.

This presentation deals with no detailed computation of payouts on any particular piece of equipment. There are far too many variables involved in these computations. It is felt that if inappropriate assumptions were to be made to arrive at payouts, in some cases this could discourage application of equipment that might actually provide an attractive payout.

The packages discussed on the subsequent pages are presented in the form of BUILDING BLOCKS. It is hoped that some of the information presented in this paper will discourage OVERBUYING OR OVERSELLING of equipment. Either one of these policies on the part of either the user or supplier can and does detract from the overall progress of the industry. USERS AND SUPPLIERS WORKING AS A TEAM must continue to make progress in the future as they have in the past in their efforts to utilize economically the valuable hydrocarbons that exist in the gaseous streams before the gas itself is consumed. Day-by-day as the demand for hydrocarbons accelerates, THE PRESSURE WILL INCREASE TO SEPARATE MORE EFFICIENTLY AND CONSERVE these valuable components that are becoming so VITAL IN THE PETROCHEMICAL, AVIATION, REFINERY, GAS TRANSMISSION, AND OTHER INDUSTRIES.

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