Phillips Petroleum Co. U.K. Ltd (Phillips) commenced template drilling on the Judy and Joanne field development in Block 30/7a (J-block) in May 1993. Since that time progress has been remarkable. Following the setting of a 65 Tonne, 12 slot, drilling template by a 4th Generation Universe Class jackup, two 70" holes were drilled for docking pile installation. The 120 ft long, 60.5'' diameter, 100 tonne piles were picked up from a vessel using the rig draw-works and run and cemented using standard oilfield equipment. It is believed that this is the first time such an operation has been carried out from a jackup drilling rig. Batch setting of 7 tapered and 2 conventional conductor strings through 9 template slots was completed inside 12 days. The optimal and unique well design then allowed drilling to proceed at record rates, including a world record of 8,263 ft of 12-1/4" hole in one 24 hr period being achieved.

This paper discusses the innovative engineering, design, cost reduction and teamwork philosophy that has seen the project progress ahead of schedule and significantly under budget.

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