The volatility of oilfield economics has always demanded operational efficiency and a need to put wells on production as quickly as possible. Conditions in today's oil and gas market have further increased these demands. To maintain profitability under current conditions, operators must carefully consider all factors that can impede well productivity, and sand production is one of the most critical of these factors. For this reason, effective sand control methods that can be performed at a reduced cost and do not have to be implemented until needed are becoming increasingly more important in today's operational strategies.

This paper will present one of these methods - a circulating thru-tubing sand control system that can be installed without pulling the production tubing or the downhole completion. This technique can be used for the repair of an original completion that has failed or in wells that are no longer economical to operate at flow rates restricted by sand production. An overview of the development, test, tool description, and installation will be presented.

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