Gas turbine driven gas compressors havebeen widely used on manned offshore facilities. Similarly unmanned gas turbinedriven compressor stations have beeninoperation onshore with major gas transmission companies in Europe, North America and elsewhere. This paper summarises a recent joint industry study to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of Not Normally Manned (NNM) Offshore Compression Facilities in termsof reliability, availability and maintainability.

Classification of not normally manned (or unmanned) offshore facilities in the UK North Sea is in accordance with HSE Operations Notice 8. ON8 specifies criteria for offshore visits, visit hours and number of personnel on board for the operation of NNM platforms. This paper describes a typical Southern North Sea gas platform being considered for NNM compressor application.

The conclusions from the study was that NNM compression is technically feasible with the facilities being able to provide an availability in excess of 98%. Life cycle costs were of the order of 70% of manned facilities thus significantly improving field development economics.

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