A "non-integrated" approach was used to manage development drilling of the Judy/Joanne field. Phillips Petroleum Company United Kingdom Limited ( the Operator ) elected to retain the role of project and operations coordinator. Others have felt it necessary to integrate the provision of drilling services to achieve operational effectiveness. The Operator approached the management of the operation on a more traditional tack but with the same goal. The management emphasis was on team building and ensuring each party's contribution was optimized. The "non-integrated" approach to service provision enabled the Operator to maximize the value of inhouse experience, to select the preferred suppliers based on safety and operational performance, and to maintain the leading role required of the lease holder. An incentive contract with the drilling contractor rewarded and penalized performance. It provided a "win/win" arrangement. Contracts with the third party companies were awarded on the basis of "best for purpose". The "non-integrated" approach has proven cost effective and an operational success [1].

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